Behind PEPITO is 3 girls, 3 colleagues specializing in the events and communication sector. Dynamic young mothers and one of them, a trained fashion designer. 3 tips from curious women who are always aware of the latest trends. Connected and trendy creatives who are interested in both design and the conditions in which it is designed.

The products we select are made from natural and organic materials. Manufactured in a sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

We prefer organic cotton products without chemical softener, soy or water based inks, we avoid plastics, lead, ... The products are of high quality and offered by European brands.

We are also concerned about the working conditions in which the selected articles are made.

We are also interested in the development of infants and children, which is why our products are clever and educational.

Discover our universe, where design, eco-responsibility and pedagogy are wonderfully mixed with a focus; take care of our babies. We hopethat you will be part of it!

Welcome to Pepito Kids Corner!